Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I believe

There was a constant buzz around our house about Santa Clause last year. Fortunately it hasn't been such a big discussion nor argument this year amongst the kids. Whenever we got into the dialog about Santa, I'd always side with the youngest members of the family and state that "I believe".

I still remember the excitement of waking up early in the morning with the hope that Santa Clause had brought me something cool for Christmas. I remember that there was MAGIC in the air because it was always such a mystery. Now that I am older, Christmas has lost some of its magic and glitter, however, I don't ever want to loose that feeling that I had when I was a young child. So, whenever one of my kids, old or young, asks me if I believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas, I always say, "I believe". Deep down in my little kid heart, I believe. I hope that my kids never grow too old to believe in the excitement and magic of Christmas.


Melinda said...

Me too!!!! I just hate the moment when the kid really wants to know .......and you have to tell them. such a big bummer!

Susan said...

I STILL believe in Santa!! I love the excitement and the anticipation and the dreams. I love the tree and the twinkle lights and the stockings. But I love Santa and his ability to get just the right thing for each person. WHAT a GUY!!!