Sunday, February 12, 2006


This coming weekend we will go on our first Campout. We want to make it some sort of "High Adventure". The Venture Crew has decided to make a trip to some Caves nearby. So, we are hiking into the caves and using out GPS units to find it.

I really hope that this campout pulls our Crew together a little more. Hopefully they will get to know me a little better and our other Crew Advisor.

I have found it frustrating how little time we have to organize. Each Wednesday we have an activity planned so it is hard to sit down and organize how we are going to accomplish our goals. If fact, I don't think we have even decided on goals. Maybe that is what we need to talk about on our campout. I know what I think their goals should be but that is probably different than what they want it to be. I guess I had better start now on that stuff so that we don't waste this great teaching moment while we are walking to the caves.

I have also decided that I need to meet with our Crew Advisor much more. We really need to sit down and talk about activities, merit badges and lessons that need to be taught so that our young men are able to get their Eagle and DTG. I sure have a lot of work to do.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun this weekend. Hope the weather cooperates with you.......oh yeah the caves are always the same temp.
We are going to sun valley for a med convention. Hope to teach tara to ski.

Hang in there with the scouts. Remember what it was like to be a teenage boy. Nothing is important except girls!!! and maybe music.

Love ya,