Sunday, February 05, 2006


I just found out that there is more and more training that I can go to now that I am a venture leader. I thought that once I had been through "Basic", that I was trained but I guess there is a "Basic" Training for Venture leaders as well. So, I need to attend Basic Training for Ventures and I need to attend "Leader Specific Training for Venture Leaders". Wow, training never ends...... As it should be.

I was a little disappointed in my "RoundTable" meeting this last week. I am a new venture leader and was ready to learn about the Venturing program and two weeks in a row we ended up making weave bottle holders in our meeting. I think I will be calling the Venture Trainer for Round Table and ask him to give us some real training about what we should be doing in Venturing and how we can get our Crew to Advance.

I have noticed some subtle direction from my priesthood leaders not to get into Venturing unless all of the Crew has received their Eagle Scout Award. I'm not sure how I should handle and work with this idea.

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