Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Discovered new challenge

I discovered today in one of our meetings that our Crew doesn't know the Bishop very will. I was really expecting to see a good communication with the Bishop and the young men but I saw a lot of awkward moments and silence. I need to find ways that the Crew can be with the Bishop in a roll outside of church. I am really hoping that the Bishop can come on our next campout. Maybe that will create a little more friendship. I am hoping that I get to know the crew better as well so that they see me as a leader as well as a friend.

We talked about Eagle Projects today. I think we were able to motivate our 4 guys to start on their Eagle Projects. I know that I walked away feeling like an Eagle Project was not as hard as I thought it would be. One problem I do see is that our Crew seems to have big ambitions for their projects. One wants to put in an electric sign for a auditorium which will cost 4 thousand dollars. Another wants to put in a Basketball court as a public park. I thought we could convince some of them to just put up a sign in a park or paint a bathroom in a park or something but they all seemed to want to do these gigantic projects. I think it is ok to be ambitious but if it is going to stop you from progressing you should look at fulfilling the requirements and look at an easier project.

Anyway, our Venture leader showed up in his Class B uniform but non of the Crew came wearing their shirts. :-(

They all can't be great days. I am ready for the new challenge of having the crew get to know the Bishop better.

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