Sunday, January 29, 2006

YMP Meeting Success

What a surprise to have all of the Young Men's Presidency show up at a YMP meeting today. I was thrilled to have the Deacons Advisor, Scout Master, Teachers Advisor, Varsity Coach, Venture leader and yes, even a secretary. It was AWESOME!!!!

We talked about each quorum, each Scout, Activities, activation, Meetings, Future plans. It was great. I finally felt like we were a group that was working together for a common goal. I hope they felt the same way. I just need to keep up on these meetings and I think we will feel a brotherhood that I think has been missing.

It's been a great day. Don't get me wrong, we still have issues to overcome but at least all of the leaders are moving ahead.


Anonymous said...

Its like --if you show someone that YOU care, then they believe it is something worth caring about.

Did that make sense?

Clint said...

Yes, that is a good point. If the leaders show that something is important, then the Young Men will know it is something that they should make important in their lives. I think that is why a good example is so critical.

Thanks for your comment.