Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Success and Failure

Well, I had some success and failure today. For some reason I am dwelling on the bad stuff more than the good.

Our President came through for us and brought pinewood derby cars for everyone. I was very happy and proud that he followed through for us. I do need to recognize him for his efforts. I thought he did great. That was a success.

One of our Venturing Crew finished his Duty to God for Deacons and Teachers and I asked him to bring his books and have them signed off and interviewed by the Bishop. He brought his books and the Bishop interviewed him and he is ready to receive it on Sunday. That was a success.

We didn't have much time after opening exercises to really do any Venturing. I wanted to talk about the Bronze Awards and more about our Crew. I wanted to hand out the Crew Shirts I made and have everyone commit to wearing them. We were so pressed for time I just handed out the shirts and we were off to make our Pinewood Derby Cars. What really was depressing was that one of the Young Men complained about having to wear the shirt. "Do we have to wear these shirts? I'm not wearing this shirt". AARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! I thought they would get with the program once we arrived at our activity to work on our cars. I was hoping that at least the Venture Crew Advisor would wear his. But no, it was just me and one other Venture that wore the shirt. Bummer!!!!

Anyway, I guess I need a little patience. This Venture Crew is starting from scratch so I guess I can't expect them to see the value of uniforms right off the bat. It is like turning the Titanic around. It takes time. I just wish they could see the vision I have of this Crew and what it could be. I just need to do a better job at selling the ideas to the Young Men.

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