Monday, January 02, 2006

Turn it over to the Young Men

Our Activity this week is to build pinewood derby cars. It was something that the Crew had planned before I became a leader so we will continue with this activity. We thought it would be appropriate to find someone in the "woodworking" field and have him show how to cut out the wood and also a little bit about his career. That way it would feel more like a Venturing activity instead of a cub scout activity.

I told our Crew President to pick up the pinewood derby cars and to find out what we need to get the pinewood derby track. I also talked to our Crew leader and he said he has someone in mind to talk us about woodworking. I'll give out our new Class B uniforms this week and hopefully we won't get them all dirty the first week.

I went and talked to our Crew President to find out how much he knows about Venturing and he really doesn't know anything, so I am thinking of asking someone from the Council to come and talk to the Young Men about Venturing and what awards they can receive.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that our Crew President had designed a couple of logos for our Crew. They were very rough but we can make it work. I'll make sure it happens.

Non of the boys have worked on their eagle projects yet. I was discouraged that non of them had even written down a brief description. I'll have to focus a little more on getting them started. Once they get started I think they will move along.

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