Sunday, February 05, 2006

Quorum Meetings

Last week the Bishop and I talked about Quorum meetings. I voiced the concern that we needed to have each presidency of each quorum start to have Quorum Presidency Meetings. I suggested that the Bishop call his first "Priest Quorum" meeting (since he is the president of the Priest's quorum). Anyway, he did and last Wednesday we had our first meeting. It was a little awkward but the first meeting usually is.

Anyway, we had a Stake Conference Priesthood meeting yesterday and what did the General Authority talk about? Yes, the need for Presidency Meetings for each quorum. We found out that each quorum should have a Presidency Meeting once a week. It was a great lesson and I think the Bishop and I both got the message that we need to be doing better. It was great to have the Young Men at this meeting so that we all heard the message.

It was great to receive such "specific" direction from a GA.

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