Monday, January 12, 2009

Breaking News on "Ward Family"

I just wanted to announce some breaking news. In a previous post I had mentioned that I really dislike people saying Ward Family and that I had never heard anyone mention a Stake Family. Well, it has just happened. This past Sunday it was mentioned from the pulpit that one of the members is part of our "Stake Family". I'm now waiting to hear, during general conference, that we can now start using "Regional Family", "Temple District Family" and "General Church Family".


Melinda said...

you are so funny about this. Although we had an adult parent fireside meeting last sunday, and they also said "Stake family"


Tiffany said...

That is pathetic. I forgot to post my thoughts on your original post about what I hate that people say. I really hate it when people in their prayers in Sacrament meeting pray for us to be forgiven for our sins. Someone else shouldn't pray for my forgiveness. That is suppose to come from me. And what if I am not ready to be forgiven yet. Plus you can avoid saying forgive us for all our farts instead of faults like our sweet sister Rachael did. Haa Haa.

Susan said... have to let this go. Pretty soon you'll be called in and excommunicated from your "ward family" and then what?? I'm sure this will soon be part of the recommend process...Do you want to be part of the "church family?"