Friday, January 02, 2009

Movie Review

I watched an interesting movie over the New Year break. Our little girls really wanted to see the movie Marley and Me. The title and previews make it look like it is going to be a story about a dog and that's what excited our girls. If there is a movie about talking dogs, or dogs that play sports, our kids want to watch. I was not excited about going to the theater to watch this movie because that is what I expected. Dogs playing a sport.

The other clue that this was a kids movie was that the movie was rated PG. So, we expected it to be a little kids movie. The ads and the signs also denote that it is a Christmas movie but it is not. You are probably now guessing that this movie did not turn out to be what we expected. It definitely had its uncomfortable moments. It had it's couple of swear words and a couple of sexual innuendos and of course a skinny dipping scene for the Aniston fans. (you only see her back, not her backside) Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson play a married couple that go through the life of a typical marriage and having children. Overall it was a good movie.

I wouldn't even write this blog post if it wasn't for one reason. This movie was about every married couple. It was about MY life. There were no bombs, no guns, no supernatural powers. It is a story about a couple living their life. Both Deanna and I saw ourselves in many of the scenes of this film. The wife (Jennifer Aniston) was frustrated with the rigors of rearing a family (yes, I said rearing and not raising). He (Owen Wilson) struggled with his dream of becoming a reporter while his friend is touring the world on exciting adventures. He finds his career lacking excitement and feels less than successful. Both realize that the life of a husband, wife and parent bring them all of the joy they need in life. The dog is just an undercurrent of what went on in their lives.

I don't know if Deanna will agree with me or not but if you want to see a film about our life, just watch Marley and Me.

I never thought that people would pay money to watch my life, but now I know they would. I might have to break my nose first so I look a little more like Owen Wilson though.


Melinda said...

Yeah, I heard that it wasn't a kid show. But ok for adults huh? all the sexual innuendos go along with your life too? hmmmmmmmm?

I'll watch it at the dollar movie or on DVD then.
We hope to go to Bolt tomorrow. did you see that?

Marni said...

LOL, we try to avoid animal movies too for all the same reasons. :)

We had a movie surprise a few days ago. Got "Buffalo Soldiers" from netflix to watch as part of Adam's American Heritage merit badge. Said it was rated G, but it was easily PG-13. I can't even imagine how they would consider it G.