Monday, January 19, 2009

Flip Video

Some of you may already know but for Christmas I received a Flip Video. My Brother Blake got one last year and really loved it, so, it has been on my Christmas list for a about a year.

With the Holidays over, I have finally taken some time to start using it. I had grand plans for all of the movies I was going to make and post on YouTube but there haven't been any full length motion pictures produced by me, yet.

After much thought and lack of time, I decided to start with something simple. There is a small smattering of people that have posted a small video about what they have in their room/house/dorm. If you just type in "51 things" on YouTube you will see what people have been doing. Therefor, I setup my Flip Video camera in the living room on a tripod and told Savanna and Katie to grab 51 items from their rooms. I thought that maybe 51 items was a little to high so I was thinking of lowering the number. As you might imagine, it took a total of 30 seconds for them to amass 51 items.

Below are their videos entitled, "51 items from my room". Maybe I will be a little more adventurous for my next video.

Watch out Hollywood!


Melinda said...

That's a cool idea. I just want to know if they were willing to put all 51 things back away.

Susan said...

Well, how fun was that!!! It was so fun to see the things that the girls loved...puppies, stuffed animals and jewelry. I love seeing their treasures. I always loved going through my little box of treasures when I was their age. GREAT movie making is what I say. It's a start for the Sundance Film Festival for next year.