Friday, January 09, 2009

Glenn Beck's Autograph

I have had to sit on this story for the longest time because I gave this book to Deanna for Christmas. I guess it is time to tell.

I decided to give Deanna a signed copy of Glen Becks new book, "The Christmas Sweater".

Amazingly, Glenn Beck had scheduled a book signing in Twin Falls Idaho at the Barns and Noble book store. So, I just had to figure out a way to get it done. I wanted to do something special so I devised a plan to print up a copy of Deanna's face and I would have him sign the book. I would put Deanna's face in front of mine and have a picture taken so it looked like Deanna had been there. It was goofy but I was going with it. I had to plan this event to the minute because, he was only in town for 1 hour.

I had a computer job to work on in Burley so I was pretty sure that I would not be able to make it over there to get the picture part of it accomplished. I called one of my friends, Connie, that I knew from church that is a HUGE Glenn Beck Fan and asked her if she was going over to the book signing. She said she planned on going, so I asked her if she could take a book up for me and get it signed. She said she would, so I was very excited.

As it worked out, my job in Burley finished on time and I raced back to Twin to see if I could make it to the book signing. I called Connie at the bookstore and she was about 11th in line. I called her again as I arrived in Twin and Glenn was still not there. I jumped out of my car and ran over to the bookstore. The line was all the way out the doors and weaved back and fourth. I squeezed myself through the line to make it up to where Connie was stationed. She was there with a book in hand ready to go. As I explained my idea about the photo of Deanna, Glenn walked in and the crowd went wild. Connie couldn't really hear me but she told me that the line would go really fast and I probably wouldn't have time for my plan to work. I decided just to stand back and take a picture of Connie getting Deanna's book signed. As I sulked away, the person behind Connie said, "Why don't you just step in here and go through yourself". I looked at him with shock as he offered his place in line. "Are you sure?" as asked. He confirmed and before you know it the line started moving and I shuffled myself into the line. I was #13. I didn't have anything for Glenn to sign so, when I got up to the front, I wasn't sure what to say. All I had was a camera and a copy of Deanna's picture on a sheet of paper. When the guy that prepared the books for signatures reached out his hand to get my book, I handed him the picture of Deanna and said, "Thats all I have." He looked at me very strangely and put the picture on the signing table and slid it over to Glenn Beck. I smiled and said, "This is all I have for you to sign". Glenn said, "Who is this?". I said, "It's my wife". He said, "What is this hand sticking out of her head?". This is what the picture looked like.

I told him that it was my son trying to put rabbit ears on her head but he isn't tall enough. He chucked at me as he signed the picture of Deanna's face. I shook his hand and said "it was nice to meet you". He said the same and that was it. I was shuffled off the end of the line into the crowd.

I snuck back around to find Connie and left her my camera to take some more pictures. I had to get back to work.

Later that week I found out that the Times News had posted a video clip of Glenn's visit and in the clip is shows Connie and Glenn Beck. The clip of her and Glenn is shown from seconds 59 - 55. The book he is signing is the book I gave Deanna for Christmas. There is a flash of light during Connie's visit which is me, taking a picture of Connie and Glenn. I was 2 people behind Connie. It was very exciting.


Melinda said...

Great story. I want to see the pics now of connie and Glenn. Add those to this post. You are a thoughtful guy!!!

Marni said...

What a good husband you are. :) I've heard this is a good book.

Holby said...

That's awesome, Clint! I wish I had known about the book signing. I really like Glenn.