Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Coby had to write an essay for one of his 8th grade classes. We found out that the teacher allowed him to read his essay for the whole class. After he read the essay aloud the teacher said she was glad that he presented his essay because she really loved it. So, I am going to post his essay on my blog. Ok, I'm not posting the essay, I am posting a link to his essay.

Coby's Essay



Susan said...

I read the essay and thought it was outstanding. Grandpa read it and was so impressed that he emailed it to Ron. Ron called back within the hour and said that he knew college students who couldn't write that well. Ron actually said he would like to be his mentor. Way to go Coby!!! Love MOM

Melinda said...

That was really cute. He DOES write well. Does Jack really pray?

Clint said...

No, Jack does not pray. Coby saw this dog and his owner in the park and that dog could "pray".