Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Pack Meeting

We have hit a milestone in our lives this week. This could possibly be out LAST PACK MEETING. Yes, I know, it is hard to believe but Andy is now 11 and he earned his Arrow of Light. So, he is now officially out of the Cub Scout program.

Although there are some real positives to Pack Meetings, I am finding that I like the idea of not having to carve a pine wood derby car. It was always depressing to see the sad look my boys gave me as the block of wood that I slaved over just hours before the event, slowly hobbled down the race track at snail like speed. My pine wood cars were never flashy, always had a residue of wet paint and almost always lost a wheel on the way down. I am definitely not good with wood, paint, or art. For the longest time I didn't even own a power drill. So, it did not have the skills nor the tools to produce an award winning pine wood derby car. So, in some ways, I am glad that era is behind me and I hope I didn't do too much damage to the ego's of my two boys.


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Melinda said...

Congratulations!!! You made it thru!!! My friend was commenting the other day....he has 4 boys all ina row............that he just did his 2nd pinewood derby out of 16 to come. He hates the derby too. Mom told me she hated it because dad rarely helped.
This year our pack had a "Family derby". Each scout was given a car but anyone else in the family could buy and make one to race too. Some dads bought some, and some other siblings did too. Then they just raced randomly instead of took the official stats etc. I think everyone was happier.....including some dads.