Monday, November 19, 2007


Have you ever had a weekend where it felt like all you did was work? Well, Sunday night I felt like I had been through "The Wringer". (I am guessing that this reference is to the old fashioned way of washing clothes where you stuff wet clothes through two rollers called a "wringer") if this is true, that is how I felt, like someone took my head, stuffed it between two rollers and cranked away until I was squished out the other end. This whole weekend was so full of activities, meetings and parties that I don't know if I can even list them all. Let's see; Andy's Birthday Party (Lan Party), Court of Honor, Camp out, Scout Meeting, Coby going to NYC, Church meetings, Priesthood Preview, set up, take down, Stand up Sit down Fight Fight Fight!


I guess, if you really look at it with a positive attitude (which I don't usually do because I am a pessimist), you would see that I was living life to it's fullest. I really gained some valuable experiences and made some awesome memories. The Pessimist in me just wants to take a long nap.

BTW, I wanted to report that the LAN party was a huge success and over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I'm planning on taking my game on the road and setting it up at Melinda's house. I don't know if she will hate me, or thank me for it. At one time I think we had 7 computers going. Everyone was shooting everyone else. I even jumped in the middle of the battle to see how I would do against these intimidating 5th graders.

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I hope I get plenty of nap time, I mean, I hope I live life to it's fullest.


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Melinda said...

I feel that way about the weekends during soccer/football season. I get home from all the games, and I'm exhausted. I don't want to clean OR play.....just sit. And then whoosh....the weekend is gone, I we didn't accomplish anything.

The game sounds fun and I'm glad it was a successful party.