Friday, November 09, 2007

LAN Party

This next weekend we will be celebrating Andy's birthday. He has invited 9 boys over for the party. We have come up with the idea of having a LAN Party. A LAN party is when you hook a bunch of computers together and play a video game where they can all participate.

So, this will be my first LAN party that I have put together. I am a little worried about it but I think I can pull it off. My main concern was what video games they would play. Andy and his friends are only 10 and 11 years old so I don't want anything to harsh. Most LAN parties are based on some very graphic images with a lot of blood and gore. So, I hunted around for some "tame" LAN games that we could use. I found two that we are going to be playing that night.

Motocross Madness

Nerf Arena Blast

Both of these games are multi player so they can all be playing at the same time. The Motocross game is just a motorcycle game and the Arena Game is a shooting game but instead of shooting bullets and granades, they will be shooting each other with Nerf guns. It is really pretty cool. No blood, not gore, just clean Nerf guns. It is pretty cool how each gun really shoots like a nerf gun would shoot. Nerf balls, nerf disks, nerf darts. Anyway, I hope I can make it work.

Now all I have to do if figure out how to get 9 computer together in the same location all talking to each other. That will be the interesting part.

"This note is for my sisters!"
Please don't mention this stuff to my boys because if this doesn't work out, I'll be giving these games to them for Christmas. So, PLEASE KEEP THIS QUIET. Shhhhh!

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.


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Melinda said...

That is such a fun idea. I'm anxious to hear how and if you pulled it off. 9 computers sounds like a huge task...........but, YOU THE MAN!!!!!